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Why You Should Never Pour Oil or Grease Down Your Drain

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It is common for kitchen sinks to get dirty and clogged with food. Although it is usual to see things in the sink, it is usually not okay for trash, food, or debris to go down the drain. We buy drain stoppers and are diligent in preventing food from going down because we know the harm it can cause. The leading cause of a clogged kitchen sink drain is food and debris backup. To prevent this problem, many people install garbage disposals in their sink. These tools obliterate food waste so that it is less likely that it will get caught and cause a clog. Even with a garbage disposal, clogs can occur, so you need to be mindful of more than just food waste. If you find yourself with a clogged drain or pipeline, you need to reach out for the best emergency plumber NYC.


Do not ever pour oil or grease down your drain. Everyone indeed has their lazy days, but you should never cut corners when disposing of oil or grease. The oil will enter your drain as a liquid, but because of the water and piping, the liquid quickly cools. Once cooled, grease solidifies and creates a blockage that is hard to remove. People sometimes run hot water to help keep the grease warm and liquified, but that technique can cause more harm. The longer oil and grease stay a liquid, the deeper in your system the clog will occur. Clogs that cannot be fixed with a plumbing snake require a costly and extensive fix. If you ever have a problem, do not hesitate to reach out for assistance by an emergency plumber NYC.

Tips for Determining if You Have a Sewer Leak

Sewer leaks are one of the hardest plumbing problems to detect. A leaking faucet makes a mess and a noise, and a clogged sink is hard for a person to miss. Sewer leaks, on the other hand, are a bit harder to identify. There are a few indicators to look for, but keep in mind that one of these issues can be caused by something besides a sewer leak. If you notice a problem, you should reach out for the best services that an emergency plumber NYC has to offer.

Do you notice:

1. Odors outside your home (front, sides, and back)?

2. Do drains throughout the home backup for seemingly no reason?

3. Do you see discoloration on your lawn? Are some spots lusher than others?

4. Have you noticed new cracks in baseboards, walls, or walkways?

Any of the above issues can happen because of a sewer leak. In some cases, drain cleaning in New York City can solve the problem. To get to the bottom of your problem, you need to reach out for help. Our team has the tools and knowledge to help you quickly and effectively find out if you have a sewer leak. The longer you hold offidentifying and fixing your problem, the worse it will get. Do not wait for an emergency plumber NYC. Hiring the best sewer cleaning NYC service providerensures that your system is clean and clear. These services are the best possible preventive care you can give your sewer. If you identify the problem early, the dangers are drastically reduced. If left untreated, leaks can cause flooding, increased bills, and can also harm the foundation of your home. When left untreated, repairs can end up costing thousands of dollars.

Emergency Plumber NYC

Plumber in New York City, Plumber in NY
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